Butter: The Ultimate Tool for Engaging and Collaborative Sessions

Transform your workshops, trainings, and meetings with Butter's all-in-one facilitation toolset.

Nowadays, the fastest digital realm makes it very important for effective collaboration and engagement to be established in professional assemblies, lab practices and study sessions. The Butter tool is there to revolutionize online appointments and improve your team's productivity improvement, guaranteeing that you receive the most benefits from a session.

What is Butter?

Butter is a enhanced facilitation platform designed to help you run interactive workshops, trainings, and meetings without rewritting slides again and again. It combines a wide range of interactive out of the box features and moderate integrations to help you plan, execute, and recap your sessions effortless. From agenda planners, to fun tools like flashcards, polls, QA, and breakout rooms, Butter has everything you need to boost collaboration, engagement, and overall success in your virtual sessions.

Butter Highlights

  • Comprehensive agenda planner for structured sessions
  • Interactive features to boost engagement and participation
  • Powerful integrations with popular tools like Miro, MURAL, and Google Docs
  • Easy-to-use breakout management for group activities
  • Centralized workspace for all your team's sessions

Who is Butter for?

  • Workshop facilitators looking for an all-in-one solution
  • Corporate trainers aiming to boost interaction and retention
  • Team leaders who want to run efficient and engaging meetings
  • Event organizers in need of powerful yet easy-to-use tools
  • Remote teams seeking a more enjoyable and collaborative virtual experience

Butter Features

Agenda Planner

The agenda planner helps you create a structure for your sessions providing an agenda, useful tools and contents and a reusable team's library that makes sure that your workshops, trainings, and meetings run smoothly and achieve the desired goals.

Interactive Engagement Tools

Butter provides a variety of interactive features, such as emoji expressions, sounds, music, hand-raises, polls, sketches and GIFs to help very participant remain involved and inspired during the meeting. All these tools do a lot to limit meeting exhaustion and, moreover, provide high quality participants' participation.

Breakout Management

Butter's breakout management system enables facilitators run group activities easily, wherein participants are assigned tasks remotely and their progress can be monitered by facilitators from one window.

Powerful Integrations

Butter integrates creating fully with collaboration tools recognized as important such as Miro, MURAL, Google Docs, and YouTube, providing convenience to make collaboration on Butter directly avoiding numerous files or program windows to be opened.

Session Recaps

Butter lets you briefly gather your online sessions and register their results, aside from those you record, you can personalize your notes, plus log your chatting and the polls' outcomes. In this way, you can transfer the importnat points of your meeting to participants easily and be aware of the actual advancement of your team.

Butter: The Ultimate Tool for Engaging and Collaborative Sessions

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In conclusion, Butter is tool about online sessions that engage users and join groups for attaining a common object. Don't let your team's productivity suffer due to unsupported meetings and workshops so give Butter a try today, join for free and try to use your virtual sessions. Experience Butter Here.


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