Upcoach is a powerful tool that automates and better manages all of a coach's clients' needs with both discussion services and tasks.

Today's Internet is full of fascinating and abundant coaching resources, which can be overwhelming too. For this reason, upcoach was created to support you in customizing and providing your customers with the best coaching experience, so you can focus on what you're best at. In addition, with upcoach you can manage effortlessly courses and training, programs, agendas and meetings, communications, as well as relationships all in one place.

What is Upcoach?

Upcoach is a platform for coaches to manage clients, staff and activities. Detailed projects to help coaches in designing programs and training programs, tracking progress on progress toward improving and modifying habits and setting measurable goals. It has a useful to-do and communication tools, and uses Kanban method to help coaches track their clients and interact with them to achieve their goals.

Upcoach Highlights:

  • Build better client experiences
  • Clients, staff, and activities in one place
  • Encourage social accountability
  • Add motivation by enabling program members to see each other's commitments
  • Communication

Who is upcoach for?

  • 1-on-1 coaches
  • group coaches
  • online course creators
  • online program creators,

Upcoach Features

Build better client experiences

As a coach, I want to provide the best experience for my clients, that means making sure that I deliver the best results for them. I will be able to give the best results to them if I make sure that I am efficient and have the best tools at my disposal. upcoach is a platform model specifically for coaches, it has features and tools that make sure coaches deliver the best results to their clients. With upcoach, the coach can easily create and manage the programs and courses they are giving to their clients. This has helping tools to communicate, stay in touch with your clients and make sure that they get the best results. The upcoach is user-friendly and easy to use, so the coach, has to focus on what they do best.

Clients, staff, and activities in one place

As an effective coaching solution, Upcoach helps coaches – students, clients and mentors as well – deliver their best experience as well as free themselves from the unnecessarily consuming tasks (sessions scheduling, meeting tracking, payment collection, client progress follow-up …) to be fulfilled manually. Along with these, it includes various features like the tool program builder, scheduler, accountability and encouragement tools, helping the manager create his own training program without installing anything on their computers, just a web browser, suitable with smartphones and tablets.

Client management

Client management is one of Upcoach's many impressive functions that help coaches offer their subscribers the best possible service. With Upcoach, you are in control of your clients’ progress, effortlessly monitoring each one's position and priorities, being able to help them when they need it.

Courses and training

When you deliver your coaching program with a tool like the UpCoach program builder, your clients can access an interactive dashboard making it easy for you to exchange activities. Thanks to this tool you can deliver your modules and lessons, giving tasks and step-by-step instructions, making the global process way more enjoyable and creating a custom experience for each person.

Program builder

The Program Builder on upcoach is a great tool for managing any kind of course or on-going coaching program. With it you can assign clients interactive worksheets that you also use to track their progress themselves. Sure, it also works well when applied to 1-on-1, group, or programes.

Agendas and meetings

Upcoach helps keep you prepared with the Agendas & Meeting feature. If you start from scratch or use a template, you will have all the information in the same place. Using Upcoach´s calendar, you have an overview of all upcoming and past meetings. Using Zoom is easy, add the link, join, and your clients are ready. Your client has access to the agenda even before the meeting and can make suggestions.

Accountability and encouragement

To keep your clients accountable and encourage them set up To Do tasks, habits and worksheets in Upcoach and give feedback.UpCoach gives you a tool to create custom reports and analytics that assess your clients' progress and social accountability.


Keeping in touch with your clients and encouraging a sharing spirit among them is so much more efficient and fun if you can use our chat system!

In the chat system you can promote sharing in various manners by sending and asking for documents, by setting up group chats and chatting to clients in private.

Chatting to a selected few specific clients or to all of them at a time?

To clients who will read it later?

No problem! the chat system is 100% flexible.

It looks good and it is very user-friendly!

Upcoach: The Best Way To Deliver An Exceptional Coaching Experience To Your Clients in 2022

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Build better client experiences
Clients, staff, and activities in one place
Encourage social accountability
Add motivation by enabling program members to see each other's commitments


Are you trying to find a simple means to handle your clients and students? If so, then Upcoach is the solution for you. Upcoach's effective presence affords you the ability to get on with the task of meeting your customers, without worrying about the paperwork.
Get access to the tool today, with a single payment for life!