Create a powerful interactive video experience that helps increase engagement, click rates, and the number of leads or sales from the video.

VidPowr is the most interactive, shoppable, cost-effective, fast, secure, and easy to use video platform. Video is a powerful tool to interact with your audience, boosting your web conversions and marketing campaigns.

For that reason you may wanna try VidPowr, the ultimate interactive video platform on the market. Create the most engaging interactive video experience for your audience.

With VidPowr, you can really achieve your goals. Extend your possibilities.

You can add shoppable widgets, collect leads, suggest buttons, ask questions, do video branching, even show an image on video, and more.

Kickstart your interactive video experience in less than 3 minutes using one of our thousands of assets or upload your own and personalize. Change the content from your videos, and video with video.

Add links to products, websites, even connect your playlist, to stay tuned with your audience and monetize your videos. Your audience can interact with a virtual seller, and also they can request a quote of the products.

What is Vidpowr

From eLearning and how-to guides to marketing and product videos, there is always an opportunity to increase engagement and conversions by adding interactivity.

VidPowr is a program that allows users to create interactive videos with ease simply by copying and pasting a video link and let the program do the hard work for them. With VidPowr, you can add interactivity to your videos, sell products directly from your video, collect leads, and more.

Vidpowr Highlights

  • Embed on a website
  • Collect leads.
  • Generate fast streaming and hosting.
  • Sell directly inside the videos.
  • Protect and guarantee the security for videos.
  • Geo restriction features.
  • Provide a multilingual selection for videos.
  • Educational videos and courses through quizzes, questions, and polls.

Who is Vidpowr for?

  • People who use YouTube, Vimeo or any other video site to make money
  • People who want to make interactive videos
  • People who want to use their videos as a lead magnet or to gather information
  • People who want to sell their products through their videos
  • People who want to protect their videos from unauthorized use
  • People who want to reach a global audience
  • People who want to use quizzes, polls or survey viewers through their videos
  • People who want to create educational videos and courses

Vidpowr Features

Create powerful, multilingual interactive videos in minutes

Interactive video marketing has become the latest buzzword of the video marketing industry, and VIDPOWR allows you to use this weapon easily, this tool has one of the most important features that it is easy to use.

Also, it provides video marketers with a wealth of resources, both in terms of video hosting and accommodation, as well as providing a range of video controls and options.

Lightning fast streaming and hosting

Vidpowr is a service that offers storage, encoding, and distribution for video, which are fast, trustable, and have 5 years or the money back guarantee.

It is a Video CDN, but with a different focus on product functionality and operation simplicity, designed for everyone, from users who just enjoy videos to video professionals.

Vidpowr aims to eliminate the technology aspects, so you can focus on creating amazing videos, effortlessly.

With Vidpowr, you can stream and host your videos lightning fast. This is made possible by the use of Vidpowr's powerful servers, which are specifically designed for video streaming. With Vidpowr, you can be sure that your videos will always be available to your viewers, without any buffering or loading issues.

Protect your video content with password protection and geo restriction

If you're looking to secure your video content, you can do so by using password protection and geo restriction.

The Vidpowr tool let you control who has access to your content and where they can view it.

This is a great and easy way to ensure your content is safe.

Collect leads directly inside your video

The Vidpowr tool is a great way to collect more leads directly inside your video. You can use this tool to create a lead capture form that will appear inside your video, this is a great way to increase your conversion ratio and get more leads.

Sell directly inside your video

If you're looking for an alternative way to sell directly inside your video, you should check out Vidpowr. It's a powerful tool that allows you add *buy buttons* and other calls to action directly into your video. This can be a great way to boost your sales and conversions, and it's something that you should definitely take in consideration if you're looking for ways to increase your online sales.

VidPowr – The best tool of the 2024 for creating powerful interactive videos

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